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Transitional Classic

The goal in this space was to create a modern family kitchen where sophistication and simplicity meet. Clean and minimal detailing draw the eye to the elements that pop, like the hale navy blue island and the marble tile backsplash. The kitchen island is the “wow” factor of this space, but every element of this design is truly “wow-worthy.” The integrated fridge and freezer blend seamlessly into this space and give that transitional built-in furniture feel. The pantry cabinets sit opposite of the fridge to balance out the space. The oversized range hood, with spice rack bump outs, ground this space. Comfort and practicality meet in this transitional-style kitchen. A classic beauty.


Shiplap happens. The 20 ft. chimney is covered with clean horizontal shiplap. The matching wood mantel and built-ins offer great storage and add light to this living room centerpiece.