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Italian Renaissance


Taking the Mediterranean world by storm is this distinguished kitchen. Any cook would love to whip up an Italian feast in this kitchen. Stealing the spotlight, and the centerpiece of the design is the cooking armoire, which consists of the cooktop surrounded by 8” tall turn columns with integrated hidden spice and cooking oil storage. The rest of the kitchen is constructed from knotty alder, and wears a regal double stacked crown to add height and drama. In order to bring a light and openness to the corners of this massive kitchen are intricately carved details and the floating display shelves. A European masterpiece, the “Italian Renaissance.”


In keeping with the distinguished style of the kitchen, the homeowner also wanted a grand entertainment center. We think this one delivers!  We love the element of surprise, and to hide storage in the places you’d least expect to find it. Is it a corbel? Or is it storage? The answer is “Yes!” Architectural elements, display, storage, and entertainment, all wrapped up into one dramatic wall unit.