Zig Zag Kitchen

Sometimes you gotta zig, when everyone else goes zag. This remodeled kitchen is an entertainer’s delight with funky elements, warm hues, and sleek modern design all converging into one unique space. After three walls were removed, the long and narrow space needed a uniting element. The zig zag island was the solution. The zig zag unites all the living spaces and creates the  centerpiece of the design. This one of a kind island, and raised bar creates many options for people to congregate, or enjoy a home cooked meal looking into this stunning kitchen or taking in the view. The modern elements are warmed up with the earthy tones, and dark stained cherry wood cabinets. The hanging cloud mimics the shape of the island and provides light and the range exhaust. Why go straight, when a zig zag is so much more fun?