Last spring my husband and I made the decision that we just finally had to remodel our kitchen in our small Placitas home. There had not been a kitchen upgrade since 1989 and we are considering putting the house on the market. We had to do an upgrade if we had any hope of selling our home. However, after a multitude of trips to Home Depot and Lowes to price out new cabinetry, we were disillusioned. We simply could not find affordable quality cabinetry that was appropriate for our home with all of its often awkward angles and layout. Just when we were thinking of completely giving up the kitchen remodel idea, a friend gave me the contact information for Marc Sowers at Bespoke Woodwork.
I was hesitant at first because I thought there was no way we could afford custom cabinets, but I made the call. Marc was super friendly and immediately made an appointment to see our kitchen in order to design a quality remodel that we could afford. We were amazed at Marc’s design skills and incredible attention to detail in making sure the remodel would fit with our home’s New Mexico style, as well as our budget. In the end, Marc designed a kitchen remodel that was absolutely gorgeous, made with quality craftsmanship and that fit our budget perfectly!
The installation of cabinetry was so well orchestrated and everyone at Bespoke Woodwork has been friendly, attentive and accommodating. We had no idea that we, too, could have custom cabinetry in our home that was made with such quality. Bespoke Woodwork is the perfect answer to anyone’s custom cabinetry needs and budget!