The Shama’s

My wife and I are repeat customers of Marc Sowers. Two years ago he redesigned, made and installed new cabinets in our Albuquerque kitchen, and now he is doing the same for our kitchen out of town. Being repeat customers should say it all about Marc. He is a rare combination of a craftsmen and an artist, who is an excellent cabinet maker, with talent for design and layout, and an artist eye for color. Marc is easy to work with, and has done his best to meet our budget constraints. We know of no other designer who equals Marc.

In a way, cabinet making is in Marc’s blood. His father Craig is a renowned cabinet maker, who made and installed cabinets in our house more than twenty years ago.

In both remodels, Marc came to our kitchen, listened to our needs, and prepared and presented different options for us to consider and refine with him. We found this process to be important as it helped us define our exact needs and helped Marc translate these needs into a functional and beautiful kitchen. Marc has been involved in every step of the process, including the critical phase of installation.

We first hired Marc two years ago to update our kitchen cabinets. Because the kitchen already had several fixed pieces and layout, this was a complicated project that Marc handled to our complete satisfaction. Our second and present project is out of town. We contacted and received designs from two cabinet makers with large and shiny showrooms, but we were not happy with their designs. We then contacted Marc to see if he would like to tackle this project, which includes a kitchen and several bathrooms, and we were delighted that he was interested. He has done an excellent job. His work speaks for itself.

We recommend Marc without any reservation. Marc is the very best!